Selected works

Caroline Bosmans
VR Experience
KIA Motors - Masked Singer
Kia Motors - Virtual Showroom
Spatial Design
Amazon - Safety shoe
D&B - Furniture
Product Design

Matthias Berghmans, a seasoned multidisciplinary artist based in Antwerp, passionately specializes in 3D design, motion graphics, and product design. With over 15 years of design direction expertise, he has had the privilege of collaborating with distinguished clients and agencies, including global brands like Samsonite, Nike, Amazon, KIA Motors, Gucci, Volkswagen, and many others. Beyond his mastery of 3D design and animation, he's added his creative touch to diverse projects, including furniture, champagne bottles, and glassware. His unwavering commitment to design, branding, and photography is the driving force behind his ability to bring imaginative visions to life.

Available for freelance projects

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